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The axytos media library: BUY NOW PAY LATER-Enabling and more in picture and sound

Video is the content format of the hour – and the boom has picked up speed again since 2019. A look at the best-known video platform makes this particularly clear: YouTube uploads more than 500 hours of material every minute, people worldwide watch one billion hours of video every day.

The advantages of moving images are obvious: According to studies, customers are four times more likely to watch a video than read a text, and more than 70 percent of videos now run on mobile devices.

But where can you find relevant and informative video content on the subject of BNPL enabling, fraud prevention or the further developed axytos invoice purchase 3.0 at a click? This is exactly what the axytos media library is now available for. It offers direct access to objective information with subject-specific benefits on these and many other topics.

We talked to axytos Business Development Manager Julian Ruoff about the meaning and purpose of the axytos media library.

axytos goes Video

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg already proclaimed video as a megatrend years ago, but he meant mainly short videos, providers such as TikTok or Snapchat actually consist only of these snippets. But this has nothing to do with the axytos media library, explains Julian Ruoff: “With the axytos Mediathek, we are developing a comprehensive video compendium with up-to-date information, exciting discussions and talks about the axytos topics of White Label Buy Now Pay Later-Enabling for merchants, PSPs and banks. For example, we have compiled recordings of the E-Commerce Tage online from 2021 and 2022, including a specialist lecture by axytos CRO/COO Matthias Schubert on fraud prevention and a video success story with axytos managing directors and Schuhhaus Josef Seibel. In this video, you will learn first-hand how the well-known shoe store Josef Seibel, who has been using the innovative axytos solutions for over 12 months, was able to increase the conversion rate when purchase on account by more than 10 percent with axytos invoice purchase 3.0. Not to mention the round table discussion with well-known industry experts on the subject of ‘Payment Service Provider – Quo Vadis?’. But these are anything but short videos, we would like to know. “That’s right,” says Julian Ruoff, “because this is about complex topics that cannot be dealt with in 15 seconds. In addition, anyone interested who could not participate in the event offline or online now has the opportunity to view the recordings at any time and in peace.”

axytos Business Development Manager Julian Ruoff: “With the axytos Mediathek, we are developing a comprehensive video compendium with up-to-date information, exciting discussions and talks on the axytos topics Buy Now Pay Later-Enabling for merchants, PSP and banks.”


Is this neutral information?

A question that is obvious: Isn’t this a pure axytos advertising event? Julian Ruoff emphasises: “In the axytos media library, we offer objective information with a subject-specific benefits. In the videos you will also find the opinions of third parties, external assessments and the unfiltered experiences of real axytos users. Of course, the contributions also make it clear what advantages axytos offers as a White Label BNPL-Enabler, but from a neutral perspective this should be allowed.”

What’s next for the axytos media library?

“We are still quite fresh on the road and had to solve some technical, but above all data protection challenges in advance,” explains Ruoff and continues: “now we are able to upload up-to-date video material at very short notice, which can be viewed directly in the axytos media library in optimal resolution and as full screen. We have very consciously chosen Vimeo as a streaming platform, because the integration of the videos into your own website is very uncomplicated here and also does not interrupt disturbing advertising the interested and focussed viewer. So it is worth saving the axytos media library as a bookmark and regularly taking a look at the website, also with your smartphone!”


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