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The axytos Merchant Monitor:
This is how transparency works for the merchant

At this year’s ibi research E-Commerce Day in Regensburg’s Jahnstadion, the focus was once again on the question of what the digital trade of the future will look like and what impact the latest developments and trends will have on the industry. Dr. Jörg Seelmann-Eggebert and Christoph Ruoff from the white label BNPL enabler axytos provided a convincing answer in the area of payment with their presentation ‘axytos Rechnungskauf 3.0 – So geht Durchblick für den Händler’. We spoke to both of them and wanted to find out what the much-vaunted transparency of payment processes in online retail is all about.

Mr. Ruoff, what is behind the title of the lecture ‘This is how merchants get a clear view’?

Online merchants, manufacturers and marketplaces that use the enhanced and secured axytos Invoice Purchase 3.0 are provided with comprehensive real-time information about all processes via an innovative online tool, the axytos Merchant Monitor. In this way, we offer total transparency, which is clearly different from the competition and which is only available from axytos in this form. This is a real competitive advantage in e-commerce, because it enables online merchants to build up regular customers, strengthen customer relationships and have all the necessary information for their marketing measures at their disposal at all times.

As a trader, how can I imagine the axytos Merchant Monitor in detail?

The axytos Merchant Monitor provides the merchant with a variety of payment-oriented information in real time, from the order to invoicing and payment. Depending on the configuration, the dashboard, i.e. the start page, provides a daily overview of open invoices, dunning runs, invoice volume and the average size of the shopping basket.

axytos CEO Christoph Ruoff: “With the axytos Merchant Monitor, we provide the merchant with real-time information about all processes and thus offer total transparency, which is clearly different from the competition and which is only available from axytos in this form.”

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In the accounts receivable section, not only information on each individual customer is displayed, but also details on the respective order, as well as invoice details, dunning line information, payment details and an overview of all invoices and orders. In the payment management area, the trader can export direct debits and import payments with just a few clicks, and also has the option of assigning payments manually.

On the axytos Merchant Monitor dashboard, the customer can see at a glance how many invoices are still open, for how many orders the first and for how many orders the second commercial reminder has already been sent. Invoice volumes and the average shopping basket amounts for a configurable period are also displayed graphically.

Real-time information on dunning routes, payment details, invoices, orders and much more: the axytos Merchant Monitor provides online merchants with a complete overview.

How does the axytos Merchant Monitor differ from the competition?

A decisive aspect here is that the axytos purchase on account 3.0 does not take place in a black box, as is the case with the large wallet providers, for example. Because here the merchant usually only receives rudimentary information about the processes of the purchase on account, which is still so popular in Germany. This can put a strain on the buyer relationship and often leads to time-consuming queries or even the loss of buyers. In the axytos Merchant Monitor, on the other hand, the merchant finds exactly the information he needs for successful business.

But I would like to address another very important point, where axytos differs significantly from the large payment providers: We are constantly developing the Merchant Monitor through constant contact and proactive exchange with our merchants, and in doing so we respond very intensively to the wishes and demands of the users. This includes, for example, discussions with the online merchant’s accounting department in order to make it as easy and effective as possible for the employees there to use the axytos Merchant Monitor.

Dr. Seelmann-Eggebert, why is axytos Invoice Purchase 3.0 with its total transparency so important for online commerce?

That’s easy to answer: online retail in Germany has now arrived in the real economy, as evidenced by the current economic figures with falling liquidity and rising inflation. Last but not least, Chinese providers like Shein or Temu are pushing into the market with all their might with their discovery-based shopping approach. So German online retailers would do well to professionalise their business and make it more efficient. And this works, for example, with axytos Invoice Purchase 3.0 and the axytos Merchant Monitor, which we were able to demonstrate very clearly at this year’s E-Commerce Day.

axytos CSO Dr. Jörg Seelmann-Eggebert: “German online retailers would do well to professionalise their business and make it more efficient. And this works in payment with axytos Invoice Purchase 3.0.”

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Thank you very much for the interview!


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