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axytos at FinTechWorld23 in Berlin: Bringing Banks back to Business

FintechWorld23 will take place for the first time on 18 and 19 April 2023 at Deutsche Telekom’s representative office in Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt. The organiser is the BANKINGCLUB, with over 3,700 members one of the largest business clubs for employees in the banking and finance industry in the DACH region. The two-day conference with the main theme ‘The Future of Banking’ sees itself as a platform to promote networking between banks and young finance-tech companies. FinTech axytos will present its cloud-based platform infrastructure for the most diverse applications of embedded finance in Berlin and show how banks can use it to get back to the customer interface.

Over 400 participants and over 100 FinTechs in the competition

Germany is the second largest FinTech location in Europe and the largest in the EU. At FintechWorld23, which is supported by top-class partners, more than 100 finance-tech companies from different thematic worlds will compete against each other in various categories and present their concepts and solutions to more than 400 participants. In addition, visitors will gain exclusive insights into the future business of various financial institutions from renowned speakers.

The axytos road crew around Dr. Jörg Seelmann-Eggebert, Michael Fait and Christoph Ruoff will compete in the Payment category and present axytos embedded finance, the cloud-based infrastructure with which banks can regain lost market share, prevent further decline in the lending business and quickly return to their traditional stage. The FinTech axytos sees itself as a symbiotic partner of the banks and, with its further development of embedded finance, brings the financial power of the bank precisely back into the digital customer financial lifecycle.

axytos CEO Christoph Ruoff: “We are currently holding extremely exciting talks with renowned institutions that will use axytos embedded finance. They have recognised the considerable advantages and opportunities on the one hand and the urgent need for action on the other.

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Why a cooperation with FinTech axytos makes sense for banks

axytos embedded finance provides banks with the entire platform-based infrastructure as a white label offer. Cooperation with axytos is the optimal way for banks to avert the threat of neo-banks and wallet providers in the long term and to get back into the customer interface.

With axytos embedded finance, banks can recapture lost market share, prevent a further decline in lending business and thus quickly return to their traditional stage: Through innovative payment and financing offers, which are provided as embedded services via the open axytos API platform as a white label. This also gives banks the unique opportunity to reach new customer segments and develop new use cases.

Strategy: Bank. Implementation: axytos

In the area of KYC (Know Your Customer), axytos embedded finance also provides support: intelligent algorithms and access to all relevant information systems ensure that the bank’s risk strategies can be implemented individually in the respective business area. The strategy therefore comes unchanged from the bank, the access to the customer and the entire required technological environment is provided by axytos. In this way, axytos embedded finance compensates for the strategic disadvantage of the bank if its legacy systems are not able to meet the demand for better payment functions.

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