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It’s Christmas time …

In many places, light comes into the dark days of winter. Christmas twinkling, on the roadside, in the gardens and in public places, gives us an anticipation of the decorated tree, lit by candlelight, that will soon decorate our homes.

And it will be this tree around which many will gather when the time comes on Christmas Eve for the gifts to be distributed. Before that, there may be a discussion or two about the worthiness of the price of the tree and the qualifications of the person who chose it.

Many traditions will be repeated this year, the special tree decorations will help to present the tree in a very personal way.

Light in this darkness, a sign of hope and new beginnings, a joy for children and for all those who yearn for the magic of the Christmas tree again every year.

It is Christmas time – and we would do well to also think of all those who are in the shadow of Christmas splendour. Let us bring light into the darkness where it is missing, just as it happened on Christmas Day in Bethlehem.

The entire axytos team sends you all good wishes for a blessed Christmas season and especially for a healthy and happy 2023!


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