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Innovative axytos purchase on account 3.0 now also for OXID dealers available

Purchase on account is and remains one of the most popular payment options in online retail in Germany. No wonder, because it ensures full shopping carts and increases the number of purchases. The good news: From now on, all OXID dealers can also offer their buyers this payment method in the checkout in an advanced, unique form. With a whole range of convincing advantages: The innovative axytos Invoice Purchase 3.0 maximises sales, offers complete real-time transparency via the axytos Merchant Monitor and turns buyers into regular customers. Merchants benefit from fantastic conversion rates (>10 percent increase) and the preservation of customer relationships.

Ignite the sales turbo now with axytos Invoice Purchase 3.0

With the new axytos plugin, merchants can control the purchase on account depending on the goods group or for promotional sales with or without a payment guarantee to achieve maximum return. And this at a significantly lower cost than the competition! The axytos module allows, among other things, assortment-related, dynamic control and enables maximum sales of inventories as well as individually plannable sales campaigns or closing sales. The entire payment process – from invoicing to reminder – always takes place as a white label service in the dealer’s layout. All services come from axytos, all payments always go directly to the merchant bank account.

Lukas Seidens from Schuhhaus Josef Seibel: “We are very happy to have integrated the white label solution from axytos. Because the buyer now stays in our shop system at all times and does not even realise that someone secures us in the background.”


Marc Bonny from ECOMRC: “It was the central challenge to find the right partner for purchase on account for the relaunch of the Josef Seibel online shop. With axytos, a constellation has emerged that fits very, very well.”


Josef Seibel: Extremely positive summary after 12 months

In the new online shop of the traditional Josef Seibel Schuhfabrik GmbH, the white label solution from axytos has been in use for the purchase on account for over a year. Lukas Seidens, sales controller and member of the project team, was significantly involved in the implementation and summarises the experience so far: “For the first time, we have the opportunity to modify adjustment screws for the purchase on account ourselves. And have also significantly increased the conversion rate by over 10 percent through the axytos Invoice Purchase 3.0.”

Can you recommend the axytos purchase on account 3.0? Lukas Seidens is convinced: “If the online retailer ticks similarly to us, then the white label solution from axytos for purchase on account with payment guarantee is the absolutely right solution. But that’s not all: The so-called hybrid method leaves us a lot of leeway in controlling risk and conversion rate – much more than we previously thought possible.”

Highlights of the axytos purchase on account 3.0 at a glance

  • axytos Guaranteed Payments is the white label purchase on account with payment guarantee. Defaults are excluded, as axytos takes over full payment protection.
  • axytos Automated Bill Payment is the white label full service invoice purchase without payment guarantee, whereby the merchant controls risk and receivables management, all services come from axytos.
  • axytos Hybrid Control is the purchase on account with or without payment guarantee, depending on product groups or promotional sales.

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