Dunning & Collections

Customer-friendly dunning –with the axytos modular Dunning and Collections solutions, you get your money and your customers’ loyalty. 


Multi-channel, multilingual, AI-driven

axytos offers digital, customer-friendly claims management for national and international use. The Dunning and Collections solutions from axytos automate all of the relevant processes, from implementation of highly personalised dunning processes for your own company to multilingual collection services provided by partners of the axytos Group. The predictive control of the dunning processes is, among other things, score-based, time-/frequency-, design- and content-optimised as well as behaviour-, asset-, debtor type- and procedure-specific. The collection service is also customer and retention-oriented and makes use of all communication channels as well.

Modular, Integrated or Fully Outsourced

You can integrate the API-based modules of the axytos Dunning & Collections solutions into your existing infrastructure as a white-label/software-as-a-service (SaaS) option in order to optimise and reduce the cost of your in-house dunning processes. In addition, axytos Dunning & Collections solutions can be used to fully outsource your claims management in the form of a business process outsourcing (BPO) model.
Innovative and personalised, this leading solution brings maximum customer service to your dunning processes. For you this means optimum DSO values, maximum benchmark-tested recovery rates and increased customer retention.


  • Digital dunning for international use
  • International collection services
  • Analyses, forecasting and reporting


  • Seamless dunning processes, for international companies as well
  • Sustainable customer loyalty through customer-friendly, personalised communication
  • Optimum DSO values
  • Maximum recovery rates