Billing & Accounting

Create customer experiences without frictional losses. Automate your billing processes with axytos modular Billing & Accounting solutions.


Reliable Invoice Processing Worldwide

In order to market your business models you need reliable and scalable technologies that can be quickly deployed at any time. That is precisely what the axytos modular Billing & Accounting solutions have to offer you.

They create the prerequisites for efficient management of accounts receivable that also supports complex billing processes. Thanks to their global orientation, axytos solutions are also ready for reliable use on international terrain – that is, for invoice processing without boundaries.

Companies using axytos Billing & Accounting solutions benefit from a wide range of services. With them, you can significantly reduce your time-to-market when developing new digital offers, expand your international business or automate existing business models and carry them into the digital world.

The axytos Billing and Accounting Modules

The axytos Billing & Accounting solutions provide companies with a highly flexible, individual and internationally deployable credit management system.


  • Billing with invoicing, (partial) credit notes, commissions, discounts and invoice despatch
  • Management of accounts receivable
  • Payment assignment
  • Nebenbuchhaltung
  • Document archiving
  • Analyses and reporting


  • Efficient accounting and billing processes for new products and services.
  • Automated billing and payment operations
  • Increase transaction numbers as needed thanks to high scalability
  • Globally available: flexibly adaptable to languages and regulatory requirements