axytos Hybrid ControlTM

With axytos Hybrid ControlTM, you realise the full sales potential of offering your customers the option to purchase on account and no longer feel the frustration of high rejection rates.



Purchase on account with payment guarantee at its most advanced

Only axytos Hybrid ControlTM gives you all of these:

  • maximum turnover thanks to an innovative payment-on-account option
  • dynamic control based on your product range
  • maximum sell-off of inventories
  • individually plannable promotional sales
  • the bottom line: more money in your bank account

With axytos Hybrid ControlTM, you achieve dynamic optimisation of your turnover, risk, inventories and customer relations.

Give yourself that crucial competitive edge by offering the axytos Hybrid ControlTM payment option Purchase on Account.

As a white-label solution, axytos Hybrid ControlTM guarantees that your customer relations remain YOUR customer relations at all times throughout the purchase process. At the same time, axytos Hybrid ControlTM makes for higher conversion rates and turnover.

Optimise conversion – maximise turnover

With axytos Hybrid ControlTM, you can tailor your purchase on account option to suit your range of products while always remaining in control of your turnover and risks.

Conversion Risk of Loss Gain

Comprehensive expertise from a single source
axytos Hybrid ControlTM combines modules from Risk & Data Management and Dunning & Collections solutions of the leading axytos all-in-one platform for the complete financial lifecycle.


  • Your customer is and continues to be your customer
  • You take advantage of the twin options purchase on account and payment guarantee
  • Maximum turnover, maximum profit