axytos Guaranteed PaymentsTM

No need to compromise when it comes to payment. The “purchase on account” module from axytos offers you the full payment guarantee as a white-label solution.


Purchase on account without risk

The payment method “purchase on account” is one of the most popular payment options among consumers – in online stores it ensures full shopping carts and an increase in the number of purchase transactions. The downside is that this payment option also entails a risk of bad debt.

To help you avoid financial losses due to bad debts and also to optimally balance the financial lifecycle of your customers at this point, axytos offers the payment method “purchase on account” with a payment guarantee.

axytos guarantees payment for “purchase on account” within the scope of maturity factoring. The entire payment process, including invoicing, is carried out as a white-label service in the name and layout of your company.

Credit assessment
Risk management
Claims management
Collection and warranty

The axytos Guaranteed PaymentsTM module enables companies to offer their customers the payment method “purchase on account” – with simultaneous protection against payment default.

Comprehensive expertise from a single source

The Modul axytos Guaranteed PaymentsTM uses modules from the Dunning & Collections solutions of the leading axytos all-in-one platform for the complete financial lifecycle.


  • A high level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • High conversion rate and larger, higher-value shopping carts
  • Stable sales and minimisation of default-related losses