Never has communication been as complex, rapid and highly available as it is today. New basic technologies such as the G5 communications standard or expansion of the nationwide fibre-optic network are regarded as the accelerators of digitisation – after all, with their enormous bandwidths they open up fields of application that were long unimaginable. The close integration of the telecommunications industry with the media and entertainment industry creates partnerships that mutually stimulate business and generate completely new service models and services.

The axytos Financial Lifecycle Management platform provides support to telecommunications providers in the following areas, among others:

  • Risk management, credit assessment, application and/or contract review
  • Management of subscriptions and recurring usage-based telecommunications offers
  • Payment, invoicing and credit management for digital transactions
  • Digital claims management

Not only for the consumer market, but the commercial sector as well – the modern digitisation infrastructures of telecommunications providers are indispensable when it comes to keeping abreast of developments in order to continue to do business. Whether it is access to fast Internet connections or the provision of decentralised, cloud-based computing capacities – the portfolio of solutions in the telecommunications industry is characterised above all by its versatility and adaptability.

A strong partner for Customer Financial Lifecycle Management is indispensable in this environment.
The axytos platform offers every solution in this regard: Risk & Data Management, Billing & Accounting, Subscription Management, Dunning & Collections. Contact us at , we will be happy to assist you.