e-Commerce and Retail


Sales are on the increase in e-commerce. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) retail companies are getting better at understanding the data they acquire and are thus able to make a corresponding positive impact on their customer interactions. This means that potential buyers are offered a better user experience, while at the same time retailers can spontaneously adapt their prices or payment methods to the demand behaviour and preferences of their customers.

The axytos Financial Lifecycle Management platform provides support to retailers and e-commerce companies in the following areas, among others:

  • Risk management for credit assessment, application review and payment method management
  • Risk minimisation for purchase on account
  • Control of the payment process, invoicing and accounting for digital transactions
  • Digital claims management

Customised services and modern technologies provide for an optimum customer financial lifecycle and thus pave the way for a first-class purchasing experience. The financial lifecycle management that is indispensable in this case is based on three central pillars: quick and efficient data processing, the increased speed of online transactions, and reliably secured payment channels.

In future, powerful and comprehensive financial lifecycle management will be indispensable in this environment.
The axytos platform offers every solution in this regard: Risk & Data Management, Billing & Accounting, Subscription Management, Dunning & Collections. Contact us at , we will be happy to assist you.