Payment Service Provider


The demands on payment service providers continue to grow with increasing customer expectations and greater complexity of purchasing processes. Smooth processes are critical to the success of any online store, particularly during the purchase and checkout process. IT systems must be able to provide for a seamless and optimum customer journey for payments at all times.

To this end companies need comprehensive and highly automated payment solutions, from credit checks and payment method management to integrated payment guarantees for purchases on account that are easy to set up and immediately available on an international scale.

Payment service providers who can deliver complete solutions to this end as a plug-and-play offer have a clear competitive advantage.

The axytos Financial Lifecycle Management platform provides support to payment service providers, for example, in the following areas:

  • Integrated risk management, automated checks of creditworthiness and application reviews as well as payment method management
  • Direct access to all of the relevant credit agencies, credit rating, address and identity services
  • Payment guarantee for purchases on account as an easy to integrate white-label service

Technology approaches that can be quickly and easily integrated into any payment solution and that support all payment methods are needed.

A strong partner for Customer Financial Lifecycle Management is indispensable in this environment.
The axytos platform offers every solution in this regard: Risk & Data Management, Billing & Accounting, Subscription Management, Dunning & Collections. Contact us at , we will be happy to assist you.