Banks and Fintechs


Ongoing digitisation is fundamentally changing the world of banking. New providers are focusing on the interests and habits of customers in a new and completely different way. Customer requirements are changing rapidly, especially in the payment and financial services sector. And the offers have never been more comparable, and switching has never been easier. The conventional world of banking is increasingly becoming transformed into a cross-sector ecosystem with integrated financial services.

The axytos Financial Lifecycle Management platform provides banks with support, for example, in:

  • Risk management, automated creditworthiness and application checks
  • Development of data-driven, customer-centric business models
  • White label solutions for settlement of flexible financing and leasing models or instalment purchases

Banks urgently need new business models. The growth drivers in this case are open technology approaches that complement traditional system environments and support new sales channels.

A strong partner for customer financial lifecycle management is indispensable in this environment.
The axytos platform offers every solution in this regard: Risk & Data Management, Billing & Accounting, Subscription Management, Dunning & Collections. Contact us at , we will be happy to assist you.